• sanjana123 23w


    I always forget to thank her everyday, every moment, every second...
    She is the best supporter ❤
    The one who always guide me to go in right ways ❤
    The one who always remember me why i am in this world ❤
    The one who tells me your dreams comes true when you try to focus on them❤
    The one who says to me remember one thing everyone can left you but i am with you since when you not even come in this world ❤
    The one who says you have to get success not for anyone else but for yourself ❤
    The one who teach me when i need a perfect teacher...❤
    Everyone can left us ...
    But remember a mother never left us
    She loves us since when we are not in this world. ...❤
    Happymothersday mumma (मम्मी, माई )