• mohitmahto19 23w

    A wish��

    If God makes a wish for me ,

    If God gives me something like toast ,��
    Then I first distribute who need it most .����
    Cos I use to earn penny by own, ����
    Whereas only require to get nutrients for my bone.��
    If he ask me travel to whole worldwide, ��✈
    Then I'll say I am not deserving for it thus quite happy from my cornerside.��
    If he sends me in voyage of seven seas ,��
    Then I'll say I don't know swimming how can I paddle my knees. ��

    If god ask me my wish,

    I am not wishes for better future, ��
    Cos it depends on my nature.��
    Neither to be a hall of fame , ��
    Nor to be the best as a game(Triple H).��
    Not begs for world's of wonder by me,��
    Cos I always wanted to go for flee. ��
    Hence to whom I seen and said Hi,
    Wishes for an Angel that came from sky.��

    .......... by
    ,,, M k ♍