• kitty74 24w

    By train

    I love to watch the world go by from a train's window, so many things happen as you pass on by. When I went up to London to visit everything was green and rolling hills so many trees that seemed to watch me go by. Then the tunnels so dark and long it really had me feel like a child again. Then there were the tall houses all in a row and you could see the backyards as small as a postage stamp fly by the window,so close you could reach out and grab an apple from the tree. Washing lines, pretty gardens with daisies all in a row and sometimes people watching the train go by. I used to make up stories of those houses. Then the trees and fields would disappear and suddenly it was tall buildings and city life I could see . All grey and black, not many colours in the city. I knew my journey was up and so I would be one of those ants I could spy from my train window. I just loved to travel by train, to London of course.