• _basuri_ 13w


    It stands there, I see
    The rains left it clambering about
    Not more than a broken limb,
    But the level of euphoria remains...
    It gives a muddy, old smile,
    Watches towards the east and beams
    Maybe this one is its last.
    As the heaven cry and drizzles,
    It slips past each petal
    And the earth revives.
    The east is vibrant
    The sun's insignia shoots happiness within
    It stands there, rooted, drenched
    But still a muddy, old, wide, smile,
    It's messed up by the storm
    The thunders left it deaf.
    Picked up my canvas, a drizzle dropped down.
    The earth's sobbing today, and
    Smells of freshly, mown grass
    But the lily stands alone,
    Undisturbed, silent, bare...