• darkness_likes_me 53w

    • Voices •

    You can do this.
    Mirror nor the people
    Define you.
    You've got this.

    Giving directions
    To my steps
    I walk into the celebration
    "Hey! You made it."

    Weak smile
    Is all I manage.
    "Wonderful too see you kid."
    Yeah. You too.

    Finding a quite spot
    I conform
    Stay inivisible
    I instruct myself.

    "There you are!"
    Weak smile again.
    "Nice to see you
    Up and about."

    I look for exit options
    "I heard you were there?
    When she died?"

    Face drained of blood
    Chest constricting
    I... Uh...
    "I heard you..."

    It all came back
    "NO!" I breathed.
    "Tsk tsk too late"
    Whispered the demon.