• hemapriya 14w

    Crazy Red Rose

    Hi frnds..... ✋For the first time I tried writing a story....... So please spare some time for me frnds..... .

    Story begins.......

    Manish wake up in a glad mood. Though he had passed many girls in his life, this particular girl stole his heart. Thinking of this he reminded of his flash back..........

    3 months before,

    It was a romantic climate. Mannish is getting ready to go to office. He is a workaholic person. Though many girls have an eye on him, he just smiles at them and other than that nothing. He had a charming personality and the dimple in his cheeks would make the girls go crazy. He is very jovial with everyone.
    One day he happens to go for outing with his best friend Prithvi. They know every nooks and corners of Paris. While they were talking and walking, Manish happens to see a bouquet shop which is very very beautiful with the fillings of colorful flowers. He likes RedRoses very much. He stared at the bunch of red roses and it was decorated lovingly. He told Prithvi that the bouquet may be made by the beautiful hands and suddenly he saw a girl's face but her face was not that much visible to him. Because the shop is filled with couple of lovers. It is their day, February 14,"Lover's day". Manish tried to see her face. But he can see only her beautiful hands which is passing the bouquets to the lovers. He thought mentally that she may be the owner of the shop. Then he moved out of the place. In the whole night, he thinks of that girl and he is very eager to see her face. He imagined himself how she will be......
    In the following day, he went to the same spot and tried to see her. He couldn't control his eagerness to see her beautiful face. First, he saw her lips which is very luscious and glossy and it has the power to mesmerize anyone. When she smelled the flowers he noticed her pinkish nose and the flower she has was his favorite red roses. He continuously watched her eyes. Her eyes twinkled and glittered and sparkled. She wears a red top and a blue denim. She was so fair. Seeing her simple and gorgeous appearance Mannish fell in love with her even in the first sight. He wants to talk with her and give her a small intro about him. He came near her and called her. When she turned they both stared at each other for a minute. Then she asked him,"yes sir. What u want? ", "we have all types of flower here". She is going on describing the flowers without any gap. He is stunned by seeing her cute childish behavior and by her sweet voice. He replied "ok ok. Its enough. I want some ref roses only". She gave him the roses with pleasure and a cute small smile on her face. He put the roses in the vase which is in his table in the office. Whenever he saw the rose, he had a memory of her. He made this as a routine to go to her shop daily. He became a good friend of her and they exchanged their numbers and sending messages throughout the night. The main thing is that they did all but didn't ask each others name. She messaged him,
    Wat is ur Gud name?
    And urs?
    Nice name. Its nice as u.
    Oh! Tq.
    Immediately he messaged her that,
    Shall we go for dating. Deekshi?
    Wat no no no.......
    She also loves him but she didn't show her love to him. As girls do know.
    After a minute he replied,
    Tonight 8pm at beach area restaurant
    No I can't.....
    U must come. Plzplz....
    Mmmm. Ok.
    Before 8 Oclock she arrived there soon before him. He came and said "Thank u for coming". U said u don't want to come but see you have come before me. ",Anyways"she changed the topic. He said,
    U look stunning
    U too Manish
    I'm going to give u a surprise
    Wat surprise!! She yelled.
    Then he stands and knelt down in front of her and grabbed her hands and put a beautiful ring which is filled with hearts.
    Will u be my better-half? He asked.
    Yes. Ofcourse dr. She replied in a happy tone.
    It was a starless night. Then he tied a locket which looked stunning around her neck.
    He proposed her by saying the 3 magical words,
    "I Love U" and gave her a greeting card, that has....
    My Dear Honey Bunch,
    I have been waiting for the appropriate time to see my lady love.
    I finally found someone
    Who opened my heart.....
    I finally found u
    I love u
    I want u to be in my life forever. I will make u happy always.
    Deekshika was super excited as if she is in the city of dreamland. In happiness she hugged Mannish with full love
    Then, she gave him his favorite red roses and said
    "The love of my life
    I love u toooooo........... "