• the_systematic_chaos 53w


    Woken up by euphony of wind chime,
    Still lying on bed ,
    My head still aching
    Which was quite predictable after ninth shot of tequila .
    Feeling lazy to get up,
    To get back to work
    To face some problems which i left unresolved .
    Finally I gathered some strength and I got off my bed .
    Tumbled, but still managed to reach balcony
    Sat on floor, resting my head on railing,
    Stirring sugar in my coffee.
    I was looking for some solution to settle the hassle I am facing from past few weeks .
    Wobbling my thoughts randomly ,
    I wondered why I am so fussed?
    It was just last night when I was dancing like drunken wind , with my own foolish dance moves .
    I laughed madly like doped wind, but something was lost.
    Maybe, amidst those rolling joints and loud EDM , amond some doped creatures
    I forgot I just needed someone to bare my soul without being judged .
    From this one teenage memory flashed in my mind , 8 years ago, an old man said to me "you're such a lovely girl don't run after quantity of friends, look for QUALITY ."
    At that time i gave muddled look to him .

    Looking at sun in awe
    Now I was too following that old man's path.
    Because thats the most rare gift one could have and may be most beautiful one

    Finally i drank my coffee
    Talking to alluring sun unknowningly