• diaryof_his 46w

    Dear you,
    Thanks and Sorry for today. It was one of the best memory I have with you after so long 62 days of our first chat we met each other today. Many lies to our dear ones but the reason was jus to meet. Never knew I would find you so perfect for me but due to destiny we will never be together. Don't know we would be ever together? The meet was to end up everything we had in 2 months but we both weren't ready to do it. I had an amazing time with you starting from the wait to meeting on the stair, tickling you to tease but you was unaffected. On the way to the beach you teased me alot that gave me the feel of closeness. Reaching the beach one of cruising point you and I walking on the beach talking about nonsense i dont remember it too. Sitting on the broken boat we had many talk about us and how we evolved. Then starving stomach call another placed we stared few those who were good looking and cute. All of hunger die when you accidently hold my hand for a while as soon as you realized you gave jerk to the hand and left it. Walking down the street, listening to your bullshit talks yet it was lovely. Lastly sorry for the incident happened. I promise never repeat again. Yeah I love you.

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    Thanks for meet!

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