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    My dear arshu

    i met her at 3 am, i was chatting with my friends, and then i got bored so i started using one app, at 3 am somebody asked a question on that app, the question was,"i am getting bored what should i do?"
    I told her that you can talk to your friends.
    She replied that all of my friends went to sleep
    And i am the only one who's awake
    So that was the day we first met
    Then after that day we started chatting daily
    I didnt knew that a girl whom i met on a study app, one day she will be so close to me.
    But i didnt knew that if she is the right one or not, i wasn't sure that i can trust on her or not so we started talking on another app but i didnt gave her my no.
    Then after that second app, then we talked on hangout.
    After 2-3 months i realised that she is just like me and the we shared our numbers.
    We became so close friends that when i used to get sad she too used to get sad. She understood me very well. She is like my soul sister. I m very happy to have her in my life.
    But then one day, we stopped talking to each other because of some issues......