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    A final draft of what I was writing since then...!!
    Quite a long post though... Do comment your views and points... And give some feedback... How is it..!! What you liked the most and what not... Etc etc.. thank you ��
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    Are we ready...

    India is a home to atleast 9 recognized religions... Out of which major are hinduism , christianity, islam, Sikhism , Buddhism and jainism

    Zoroastrianism, Judaism and the Baha'i(बहाई) Faith are also practiced in India.
    But the question that arises here is what is religion... Is it to control humans or to bring a light of hope and make them believe in power of almighty..??
    Is it to make us free of all the problem or to be the reason of bondage...??

    Even if we have such an amazing technology... We have done so much in the field of science and technology... We have best amenities and education system... But still why are we so Orthodox when it comes to religion....
    Why is it that our religion comes before everyone even before our nation...
    There is no religion above our nation... No religion...!!
    In India people are so theist (āstika) towards their own religion that they forget that other religions are also as pure and pious (pavitra ; religious ; blessed) as their's.
    In our country people are known by which religion they follow and not by which nation they belong to...!!
    This is one of the major reason for our country is still developing.... Once we come above this... It will solve almost all the problems of our country... Because then we all will be having only one identity and everyone will come at equal level that is being indian...
    Here I'm not against any religion but following anything blindly is wrong..!!
    Today in the name of religion so many wrong things are done... Be it creating violence or pollution... Or anything else... This is wrong...!!
    On one side people say "swach bharat" and on the other side pollute water in the name of religion.. create unnecessary noise in the name of religion...!!
    No religion says hurt yourself in the name of prayer or pleasing god... People take advantage of religion to turn the situation in their favour which is not acceptable...!!

    We the youths... Only we can bring the change that we want to see... We have to initiate and take a step forward towards the india we dream of
    So are you ready...!!