• microknight 7w

    If I should say Anything

    If I'd say, should you do this

    I know you'll give it a miss!

    If I'd say should you let go

    Then I'm running, the show

    So it's you, who's controlling the shots

    I guess any advice, will tie you in knots

    All I have to offer, is my love

    Showers n gifts, from the heavens above

    It's so beautiful when we're in tune

    Just as yesterdays, full bright moon

    Honestly that's all, I can say n easily do

    Difficult to walk, even in, one shoe

    Remember you're amazing and so very kind

    Beautiful people, like you, very hard to find

    Now come, anytime, when free, live in my heart

    You'll know then, from the start, never apart!

    So just, sort yourself out do it quickly

    Do it for yourself, don't make, life so prickly!

    Take love, give love, have love be love yourself!

    Its glues the universe, with peace, now flies the, little white dove.

    Love Cliff X