• bazigar15 50w


    The 14 Cardinal Rules of Life

    - Good Relationship > Being Single >>>>>> Shitty Relationship

    - Never leave your parents. They are the reason you are here.

    - Personality is not set in stone. You are able to take control or change it the way you like.

    4- People say “Follow your heart”. Not in every situation guys. Instead “Listen to your heart. Act With Your Brain”

    - Never get confused to select between love and friendship. Both have their respective parts to play

    - Try to replace SORRY with THANK YOU in certain situations. For example, instead of saying “Sorry for being late”, you can say “Thank you for waiting”. It sounds more diplomatic.

    - Never get too emotionally attached to anyone except your parents

    - People say “Follow your passion”, I agree but with a slight modification. I believe “Follow your passion only if it is worthwhile”.

    - Don’t rub two wet stones to make a fire. Rethink #4

    - Time heals almost everything. Give some time and experience the change

    - Thoughts control your Feelings. Feelings control your Actions. Actions control your Results. POSITIVE THOUGHTS = POSITIVE RESULTS

    - When in anger, isolate yourself. Give yourself some time. Finally think about the situation again with a calm mind

    - SMOKING, DRINKING, GETTING HIGH ISN’T COOL. The sooner you realise it, the better your life would be without them.

    - Stop complaining all the time. SHIT HAPPENS. That is life. Learn to have an optimistic approach