• annies_enigma 48w

    Wearing each others soul let's craft a sculpture of our love
    Let our hands weave the emeralds of togetherness
    Like a magical pottery
    With each passing season, let's erase our differences
    Accept each other the way we are
    Fight less and love most
    To create a masterpiece that preserves our love till eternity
    Beholding this treasure in our heart forever
    We will walk holding each other in time of distress
    There will be times when we will have nothing in our lap
    Yet we will always dazzle in the aura of our divine love
    Nomatter how old we are
    Nomatter how feeble we become
    Nomatter how many diseases effect us
    Even when we loose memories
    Still our love will always win infront of the deadliest Alzheimer's
    And then when it's time for us to leave this world
    Let us die in each other's arms
    Let them bury us together
    So that even when our flesh decomposes
    Our skeletons fuse with each other
    Forming a divine entity _"forever together"
    And in heaven let our souls rejuvenate
    In the aura of sacred love
    Letting us reborn everyday
    To make our love craft new stories
    That last hereafter as well as thereafter
    And never age!


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    "A love for a lifetime"