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    Caste, color and creed.
    The 3 C's are the most irritating agenda of the narrow minded people of India.
    Why don't 'we' understand it not the birth but the work makes a man - human.
    I have nothing to say more...
    Thanks @_my_inks_ for sculpting it.
    #caste #creed #color #fair #skin #discrimination #mind #developing #narrowminded #nochange #acchedinayenge

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    Dissent or Acceptance

    The little boy was dressed in his finest clothes. He was all set to attend his cousin's marriage.
    Unable to find his brother he decided to stay back with his mother and wait for him.
    And witnessed his mother starting a gossip.
    "Tu-tu-tu...the boy has brought disgrace to our society. How can they allow a low-caste girl as their bride. And how can anyone love such a girl?!" she quacked.
    The other women nodded and agreed her every quack.
    Incidentally the boy happen to be listening and believed her mother. So he became too anxious to see the bride - to see how a low caste girl looks like.
    But he was shocked to see a Lady daubed in scarlet and turmeric with a golden glow and illuminating smile on her face.
    "Maa, Boudi (sister-in-law) is so beautiful, why do you hate her?" the innocent kid spoke but became a bit loud due to his excitement.
    Thus, he was awarded a beating for his honesty and innocence.