• the_unknown_one 5w

    The person i am

    I am a young unknown person here to express my feelings
    Put my feelings in understandable words
    Relatable sentences
    The way im feeling
    Maybe noone can truly relate
    Well it does feel like it
    But i cant really do much about it
    Just sit down and express my feelings through my writing
    Let my creative juice flow out of me
    Hoping for a person who truly can say
    Oh yes i can relate
    Hoping to get feed back/comments
    Not just for the sake of it
    But who knows maybe there is a person but doesnt say....
    Or maybe im the odd one out amongst the crowd of millions
    The unknown one
    Who doesnt have anything in common with anyone else
    In other words the strange person
    The unique person
    But in an adverse way....