• miraculous_me 53w

    The African beauty

    Her dark hair, so rich like the fertile loamy soil,
    Beautifully shaped into admirable hairdo.
    Her eyes cleverly lashed with black eyeliner.
    Her head symmetrically placed on a slender neck.
    Her smooth skin decipher deep rooted heritage,
    Smeared with shimmering Shea butter.
    Her skin glitters like refined gold,
    So sleek and elegant.
    The fullness and tenderness of her round perky breast, with seemingly unending source of nourishment.
    Her waistline carved like the midline of gangan,
    Ceremoniously celebrated by thin and thick colorful beads like the actin and myosin filament.
    Swaying her hips to the most sacred and ancestral drums and music.
    Her feet faltering and altering to the beat.
    Oh, my love for Africa
    Seated in her black beauty.
    African beauty.