• randmthoughts_of_daydreamer 12w

    Unrequited Love

    Oh! That one ....

    Those fond yet painful feelings;
    I hid so well.

    So good at hiding; behind the pillars, concealing the emotions; around the corners; watchful eyes,stealing glances.
    Such a good thief.

    With youthful vigour
    But face burning up;Red.

    A thousand wings flapping within,
    Heart galloping along like a wild horse tearing through the wind.

    Tucking stray hairs behind my ear;
    straining hard to hear that laughter again.

    Shy to speak; yet so much to tell,
    Every line a jumbled mess.

    Hating the secrets; but anxious much, to lay open my Heart, to take that final step.

    Fooling around and smiling so much, Being so crazy in ....

    And the memory of pain, my heart so chafed; that agonised me for days yet to arrive.

    Carving me up. Moulding me to another;I had lost it, what I never had.

    A part of me was forged that night; in coal so Hot that it melted my eyes.