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    || RUMOURS ||
    Must have heard this word right?
    But you know, it's not just a word....it's a very dangerous weapon which is used the most, by people nowadays.

    Have you ever heard rumours about yourself? Yes? Then you were not in the rumours, you ARE in rumours coz they never fade away...
    Haven't been in rumours yet? Lucky you!

    Bored? Just make a fake news about any random person and pass it on...then...enjoy the show! Rumour will pass on and people will add on their spices in it...
    It won't affect anyone...
    Except for the victim
    He'll pass through aggression, neglection and moreover depression....ending up his life...

    So was it fun? No? Then why do you do it?
    You don't know? But why?

    You never accept that somehow you were behind the rumours, but from inside you know what you did...
    Why do you crush the innocent heart of a person who didn't did anything bad to you?

    So Guys, it's better that before reacting to any news you check out if it's true or not
    And if you don't wanna do it
    Then remove your interest from rumours as well!

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    I've heard so many stories that I don't know which one is the most popular. But I do know which is the least popular.
    The Truth. - Hannah Baker

    If you aren't interested in investigating the actual matter..
    Why the Hell are you interested in rumours!?