• aman_kr_raja 47w

    Today I realised a companion I missed,
    Who never really felt the way I did;
    Like the rainbow never sees it through,
    How the rain does weep for it to gloom?
    Her smile and eyes does all the talk,
    And I glare at her to capture it all;
    Her cheekiness and her wonderful hues,
    Were painted in the blackboard where I drew;
    The little pinch of mischief and elegance,
    Were just enough to complete her essence;
    Perfection was just too much to expect,
    But seeing her there, perfect seemed less;
    The saddest truth does come to life,
    When the distance between us came to be realised;
    I hear her speak, I feel her smile,
    But I miss her again in this endless night;
    Wish I could give her an imaginative end,
    But she was a new chapter I just began;
    My thoughts of you will be written in quotes,
    For you to see and for a smile to be born.