• __playingwithwords__ 46w

    °|| Emotionless ||°

    "You Broke me completely......
    Leaving something dead inside me.....
    All I did ever was to Love you......
    What happened If It was One-Sided ?.......
    I did Love you Purely.....without any glint of
    Lust or expectation!
    I never ask you to love me back girl!!
    You devastated me completely with those beautiful eyes of yours....,
    You destroyed me completely with that Million- heart-winning smile of yours...,
    You shattered every dream of mine with those adorable voice of yours....,
    You touched my inner-self with that Innocent laugh of yours........
    I forgave you for playing with my soul,
    For making me So Emotionless,
    For making me realise that love is a
    Crap thing,
    I Love you !!! &
    Always will!!
    There remain ashes of painful memories
    With you ...still burning inside me!!!!"