• aashmi_aryal 46w

    As far as I know early Adult life is so complicated! You must enjoy the little things but do great things! Have a career and manage your Study , Spend time with family and hang out with friends, Have a social life and keep a private one, Earn wealth and take care of your health, Fulfill materialistic needs and do philanthropic deeds, Have a voice and keep a dignified silence, Be careful and take risks, Be happy but stay updated on current affairs, Control your emotions and Express them, Travel often and hold on to traditions, Be confident but don’t be too proud, Have a certain goals and stay humble, Show aggression and Be restraint, Plan ahead then be spontaneous! Be punctual, be mannered, be kind, be diplomatic, be disciplined, be careful, be cultured, be funny, be educated, and be opinionated. Then finally BE yourself !! .
    And after all that there is still judgment, hatred, putting others down, snark comments, mean eye-rolls and unkind words. Amidst these thoughts:therefore I decide to let adulthood get the better of the teen in me.
    Since now onwards m turning into complete 20s so from now on I ve to prepare myself to welcome all the twist and turns accepting it as my part of life. I know its quite funny to read this .Birthday do Comes every year and the more number keeps on adding but you might be thinking I have written this as if this one birthday is goona change everything in my life that’s also in one day. May be the changes cannot be seen so far by the people but the fact is the changes that I had and will have on my life as per will definitely be fell by me as I said it’s only a matter of time till the "teen –adult twin "(Yesterday and today)
    Here I wish my Self the happiest 20th complete���� birthday.

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    Now here wishing myself a very happy 20th born day .
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