• breakthemould 6w


    Ah, but a man never got a woman back 
    Not by begging on his knees 
    Or I'd crawl to you baby 
    And I'd fall at your feet 
    And I'd howl at your beauty 
    Like a dog in heat 
    And I'd claw at your heart 
    And I'd tear at your sheet 
    I'd say please, please 
    I'm your man 
    And if you've got to sleep 
    A moment on the road 
    I will steer for you 
    And if you want to work the street alone 
    I'll disappear for you 
    If you want a father for your child 
    Or only want to walk with me a while 
    Across the sand 
    I'm your man 
    If you want a lover 
    I'll do anything you ask me to 
    And if you want another kind of love 
    I'll wear a mask for you