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    The Freedom That Matters...

    Despise yourself for what you are,
    Apologize for what you've done.
    A mere body you are,
    Enchanted by the plastic world,
    Disgusted by the reality.
    Oh, what a shame!
    That you burn candles for freedom
    Yet are a slave to your own detestation
    And you seek love outside
    When you're so numb in there
    Your core is so cold,
    That no proximity could
    Give you warmth
    That no touch
    Could melt you down
    Stand by the shore, my love
    And introspect
    You were never wrong
    You just deserted yourself
    For being yourself
    You were just so saturated With the animosity
    That you shut your eyes
    And sealed your lips
    Percieved all the bad
    And did no good
    Oh love, you seek approval
    In this world
    But why won't you just accept yourself?
    Maybe their approval
    Could make you feel worth
    But your acceptance
    Would give your soul
    Wings to fly-
    The kind of freedom
    That actually matters...