• praveen_dhiman 23w

    The best friend who hurt me more than anyone.
    And lied to me more than anyone.
    Whome I trusted more than anyone.

    I’ve always believed friends could be soulmates too and for once, I thought I’d found one. We were inseparable. We’d been through countless breakups, yet our relationship kept going strong. Was it all just a lie?
    One day you were calling me by my nickname and the next you were telling everyone that I was an idiot, a bitch and didn’t deserve anyone in my life. I didn’t do anything to you, yet you lied to everyone who would listen. I lost more than you that day, yet I couldn’t get past the shock of your lies.
    I realize you had made a few new friends. I just didn’t realize I wasn’t good enough anymore. I wish you could’ve just told me that to start with. It would’ve hurt, but at least it would’ve made more sense.
    With this letter, I say a final goodbye to you. You might have noticed I’m no longer on your friend list. I just wanted to wish you the best, despite your vicious breakup. I only hope you feel the same about me.
    The one whome you lost today.

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    Not friends.
    Not enemies.
    Just some strangers with some memories.