• havitatoe 16w

    On My Way Home

    Driving on their way home
    Was a man and his child
    who was on her phone

    The young girl spotted
    something on the way
    she yelled for him
    to stop right away

    Her dad turned the radio off
    and brought the car to a stop

    noticed that it was a child as well
    she looked to be about twelve

    The young girl got into the car
    She said, "I do not live that far"

    The girl said,
    I hope my mother will not be mad
    The dad said,
    I bet she's actually sad

    They drove just a couple of miles
    when the girl said, "that's my house"

    He pulled the car in the driveway
    and just as he turned away

    The girl quickly jumped out
    and ran toward her house

    There was a light at the door
    and then he walked on the porch

    He said,
    You must be the childs mother
    I had picked up your daughter.

    she was walking alone on the road
    just a few miles up from your home

    The woman said,
    My daughter was gone for a long time
    I have been going out of my mind
    She went walking alone one day
    I was coming home a little late

    By the time I got home
    she was already gone

    I became so afraid
    I began looking for her that day

    I called out her name
    and looked everyday
    but I still could not find Jane

    I was told she would not be back
    someone had found her backpack
    and there was a blood stain track

    The track did not lead to her
    but they found a piece of her skirt
    that I made just for her

    Thank you for bringing her home
    cause her soul has been
    wondering alone

    for eight years now
    on that lonely
    dark road