• siddhant_scribbles 49w


    What goes inside our head when we feel emotions? Is it some intricately designed program or simply instinctive response that triggers different sentiments within us?

    Love, hatred, anger, sympathy, empathy, affection, joy, indignation, elation, envy, sorrow, apathy, ego, dread, pity, trust and belief. All of these feelings have a place of their own and each of them have a significant role to play in our lives.

    Some of us never let negativity touch us, while others just let their identities melt away in never ending well of aghastness.

    I sometimes wonder, what goes inside our little brains. What if these emotions are microscopic identities with bodies and souls? What if they fight a battle within us to overpower our mind when we are in a state of dilemma?

    I wish to become a part of their family and live with them in their community. I wish to become an emotion and feel what it means to be inside the head of a human. I wish to reason with anger and ego and befriends with love and affection.

    I wish to become