• tmdisarro 24w


    Collected as Leaves
    In Piles of tender Distraction
    Waiting patiently
    To be firmly Scattered
    By the Delicate breezes
    Of your Memory
    Drifting through
    This field of Burnt orange
    Green tea and Fire
    Sipping the Sunset
    Like honey and Cinnamon
    Teaspoons of time
    counter Clockwise
    Through years
    Through sounds
    Through sights
    And scents
    Fragrant to a Fault
    Hanging in the Air
    Rising like Steam
    From my cup
    Breathing in your Image
    tasting Lemon rind Tears
    On my lips
    Closing my Eyes
    Once again

    TM DiSarro

    ©2018 TM DiSarro/Mindscapes Publishing

    Photo collage by TMD

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