• theboywiththespecs 5w

    Do you feel the fire?

    The fire that kept you awake when the rest of the world was sound asleep; do you still feel it?

    Your brother was busy with his toys, your sister with her hair, but you knew you had something different focus on, didn’t you? Do you still feel that fire?

    You didn’t mingle with the crowd, and your desire to stand out was more fierce than a burning candle, wasn’t that? That fire, do you feel it?

    Your exam scores didn’t brand you, and your progress cards were as forgettable as a boring calendar, but still something told you that you should do well and you did do well. I’m sure you still feel it, don’t you?

    Love. Ugh. Fooking love. You fell for it too, and you were caught in a web of confusing intimacies, but you knew just right then that you do not belong there, because you stil had your fire on, didn’t you?
    Do you feel that?

    Failures followed like shadows, and successes were like star falls—happening but once in a great while—but you still had not given up on you yet, had you? Fire, do you feel that?

    Sometimes, you walked alone, and sometimes, you built a path where you can take a stroll without having noticed by anyone. You called it freedom, I called it burning alone. Do you still feel that? Burning alone?

    Even if you don’t, believe me, it’s all in you. You can rekindle the flame, put on some logs, or add a can of oil to that fire that still is left, but it is all in there. You see, you burnt that’s way you existed, and somehow you stopped burning, and all of a sudden your existence was a matter of yes-no question. I promise you fire, you still can burn, and I’m all with you. Go, burn your fook out, for this darkness that is in you, it doesn’t go away on its own.
    - Nandha Kriskar