• olrawnder 50w

    Here I am dying alone
    And the one I have a crush on is waiting and wasting her life on some guy jo usko chakkaro main ghuma rha h and kuch kar b ni rha ki ladki move on kare ya relationship main aye uske saath.

    Seriously Fuck this shit.
    I hope she gets the guy she likes/loves
    But agar kuch ni ho rha to at least move on, there are plenty good guys who will treat you the good you deserve... Not me, I'm an asshole but still I'll try my best to be the good.

    Fuck this feeling of being stuck in between. #rant

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    At this momwnt
    I seriously wanna
    Punch those assholes
    Jo un ladkio ko wait kara rhe h
    And jinki wajah se jo ladke
    Un ladkio ko like karte h
    Jo un ladko k peeche ruk rhe h
    Jo un ladkio ko wait kara rhe h

    This fucking complicated cycle.
    Fuck this