• tonyjr 53w

    One's Desire

    I start off on what was a white blank page,
    Then became what could be a master piece,
    What may be, 
    What may not,
    What is, 
    what isn't,
    What could be, 
    What couldn't,
    This we do not know,
    Only time will tell ...

    Use of the imagination to imagine the unimaginable,
    Chasing what people think that cannot be caught,
    Capture the un-captured,
    Bring to life what has always been merely a dream ...

    Stop at nothing, 
    Move forward for everything,
    Sometimes we move forward for the wrong reason instead of the right reasons,
    What is the reason ?

    We cannot feel one's true feelings, 
    Only let in for a sample,
    Here is some food for thought,
    So please have a taste ...