• ashishkalra19 49w

    Each one of us is a Human Being. Everyone of us have got feelings, attachments and fears.
    The fears that scare us the most are Worst Fears.

    When your Worst Fears come alive,
    The world around seems to be dark.
    Suddenly this colourful world
    Turns into the turkish black and white kingdom.
    The kingdom where dreams are broken.
    The time almost stops and
    every passing second brings on the more pain.
    The heart breaks,
    you can feel your pulse going down,
    With every passing minute
    It becomes difficult to breathe.
    And life seems to meaningless.
    Be it a loss of person,loss of love or any other,
    At the time when we are scared the most.
    Depression sweeps in,
    Words go silent,
    Expectations break and hopes die,
    The mind is full of thoughts,
    That with mighty time multiply themselves by thrice
    Peace is converted into sleepless nights,
    Smile changes to priceless tears.
    The pain turns a brittle heart
    Into a stronger one.
    Strengths, pain, fake smiles, anti depressants
    Are used to be normal.
    In this world of disappointments...
    You are alive,
    Yet so dead inside.

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    When the Worst fears come true...!

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