• zkhannn 14w

    Apart from drama...hey!!!! can you please look at my followers?
    Alhamdulillah I have just reached 1k followers.
    Like it means alot to me. Seriously I am soooo sooo happy today.
    Promise, I won't get rude the whole day. My Mirakee fellows can ask me anything. ��

    So yea I know it's going to be a long post. You can skip it but It will make me happy if you read it and then comment. Just saying after all, choice is all yours. ��

    It's been year I am using this amazing app.
    @shamin, yea she told me about this amazing app.
    Before that I only use wattpad. Sounds like total freaking nerd. Ok here's a secret I don't look like a nerd but I am a nerd like little but I am.

    And here is another confession. I am an attension seeker ����. Ab hun na to hun. ��

    The best thing about me I take alot of pangas but then I completely forget about them. So people, don't take my pangas seriously. They are mostly for fun.

    And yea once again I am so so happy and I am really thankful to everyone who always supported me with their likes, reposts and comments.❤❤❤

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    I like playing with shades
    Tints are covering my skin
    All those dark and light games
    Will gonna end me up
    Into a rainbow pains