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    Hello guys it's my first attempt to write a story. So please spare some of valuable time to read my story. I hope you will definitely enjoy it. Please like and comment. And repost if you liked it. Your one like and one repost would motivate me a lot. I'll be soon back with my next part.

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    Unexpected love-1

    It was a lonely road. Sky was aloof of moons and stars covered in a thick dense red blanket. The eyes of the sky sparkling, followed by thunderous sound.
    Amidst of lonely road walked Ritwick. A boy at his mid twenties. Quite carrier focused and a workaholic guy. Cupids arrow always have seemed impossible to hit him. Thinking of tomorrow's presentation Ritwick was lost, walking and walking, he dashed against a tender soft body and both of them fell. "Oh! Oh! I'm sorry..... I'm extremely sorry", a soft voice stroked gently on Ritwick's ears. "Amm..it's fine...no problem", Ritwick replied back. Pile of papers got scattered on the way disintegrating from the file which the girl was holding. "I'll help you get it arranged", Ritwick said. And both of them finally arranged those papers in a proper way. "Thanks...Am....thanks", the girl fumbled for the name. "It's Ritwick",he said. "Thanks Ritwick", the girl said. "And yours name",Ritwick asked softly. "Ishika",she replied back in a gentle way. "No need of thanks Ishika it was my fault i should have seen and walked my way", Ritwick smiled.
    A spark of lighting illumined the entire street and the face of the gave a bright glow. A beautiful face, expressive eyes, fare coloured and glossy lips got dazzled in the lonely night. Ritwick fell in love with that girl at its first sight and the Cupids arrow got stucked to his heart. "I think i should leave now", Ishika said in a hurrying manner. And before Ritwick could converse anything furthur, the girl left the place.
    The girl left the place but imbibed an new emotion called love in Riwick's heart. Ritwick left for his home. The entire nature slept but it was just the opposite with Ritwick. His eyes were devoid of sleep now and filled with the color of love for Ishika. Ritwick was unable to get the complete glance of her face but the partial appearance of her face filled a complete emotion of love in Ritwick's heart. Taking a cult by the side of his bed holding a cushion Ritwick murmured" i wish i could meet her once again".....
    To be continued...