• eli_alisan 12w

    What If I Tell You My own Story!

    What if I tell you my own story,
    Starting : "Once I was a burden for all".
    Revealing my life and
    Spelling out few hard words :
    "Now I'm a warrior for all".
    Would you believe it or wonder why it is so?
    My Childhood;
    When I would get up early morning,
    And rushed right in front of God and wonder:
    "Please heal my life".
    But now,
    My voice cries,
    Saying : "Please bless my life".
    So many situations I'm facing,
    So many things are going on,
    All dreams are snatched by unfortunate time.
    I'm so down.
    Yes I'm down.
    Still there's a hope;
    That's keeping me busy to wave my mind.
    And deep within my heart,
    there's a wild feeling.
    Wild feeling of a warrior.
    Continuously asking,
    What if tell you my own story,
    Holding my magical pen
    And filling the inspiring pages right.
    You would be proud to listen.
    You would be proud to read.

    - Eli. ✍️