• tulsiuma 50w


    I thought that I would write a poem for you.
    I thought I might include different tools;
    Ones to show that I'm not through
    The times we shared as fools.

    I thought I might mention Lust versus Love
    Or a gambit of mistaken deeds.
    I thought I might mention your cavernous eyes
    From which no man might escape your needs.

    I thought the past might roll itself around in my dome
    Until it appeared to be a bullet's caste.
    I thought my dreams, once, came true 
    In a pityful-looking ship's mast.

    As this poem comes together, it slowly falls apart.
    I'm now at the enchantress' gate, hailing the boatman,
    Hailing the storm's end to bring delectable closure.
    I need not know delectable closure.

    The truth is that obsession drives a man into those cavernous eyes
    And I don't care if the poem's scheme no long has rhyme or meaning to the audience.
    I've transformed myself from writer to the wits of a new man.
    The witch has forgotten me and I've passed the ire of Jealousy.
    And I'm in love (God, yes, Love) with walking away just fine.