• ajthewriter 49w

    From now own, we all wear our own "designs".. got it? Got it. ����
    #selflove #selfcare #selfheal #dopelikepoetry

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    Others have shamed me for not choosing their design
    Some still gift hatred to themselves for not being worn
    This curse has been a thin knife and a needle in my side
    Though the seams do not unravel my back is constantly exposed
    As I took some time to travel I wore their guilt upon my hips
    I returned steamed and freshly depressed
    Eager to style myself again

    Today, stumbling Naked, I strut wreckless(ly)
    Clinging to my sketches, Body made of natural velvet,
    smooth and draped in my own etchings,
    I can afford everything I seam
    Who am I wearing you ask?
    I am clothed by "Gentle and gently,"
    Some of that one of a kind
    "hand wash only" type shit
    perhaps because
    In my own Fabrics
    In my own textures
    In my own textiles
    I fit

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