• ritikapeace 46w

    Yes, I write Erotica

    " You know,
    It's been a while that I have realised
    That I can actually write erotica nicely.
    But my society consider it a bit secretive,
    Or like our parents tell us,
    Do something better than reading this,
    Or watching porn, or anything related.
    And so, it was depressing,
    It was hard to swallow, that I really do like
    Writing about it or reading it.
    And so, I can also relate to those,
    Who feel like having it, experimenting it.
    But it's been a while,
    I stared really comprehending it.
    And now I can say,
    Vedas, puranas and our whole culture,
    Is much deeper than just what we know.
    And if you can think of something, I'm pointing to, then believe me,
    Eroticism is an art.
    Lastly, don't play, laugh or feel disgusted sex, respect, learn and accept it.
    It's just not about pleasure, it's meditation in its own way.
    Don't play or make it an addiction, for it will be harmful for you only. "

    ©Ritika #pr #err1585
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