• the_wildflower 47w

    A fiery woman
    Once walked a land
    Where no one seemed
    To understand
    Her burning desire
    To find a man
    Her perfect soulmate,
    Like water and sand.

    Like the winds in a meadow
    She made her way
    Throughout the country
    Day by day.
    She traveled far, she traveled wide
    Fruits she ate and on grass she lay.
    To and fro, she wandered around
    Like a violent tide.

    She fell, she tripped,
    She did not waver
    She was determined to find
    Her prince, her saviour.
    She grew stronger
    Day by day
    No matter what
    She got her way.

    She reached the edge of the world
    And realized
    There is no one more perfect than her.
    No man could compare
    To her determination and fiery nature.