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    The teacher question the students about the winter task given. Adiee and Mack were badly frightened for their lack of perfection, as they totally forgot about the task. Emma" the cruel Teacher" who have no mercy on students. Emma's brutal behaviour portrayed her as a ruthless beast. She never appreciate her students for their work and ever gave them reasonsble score for their perfomance in the exams. So the students had a negative impression on Emma. Emma started to inspect the student's task work given by her. Meanwhile Adiee and Mack were engaged in a serious discussion to give a reasonable excuse for their guilt. Adiee and Mack were seated in the corner of the class, where Emma took a pretty long time to reach them. The class hour was about to end when Emma walked towards Mack, Emma questioned" Show me your work Mack, i hope you would have done it in a very better way." Mack took a random empty notebook from his bag and handed over to Emma. Emma opens and keep turning the pages where she found the notebook was blank. This act made Emma to go furious on Mack and same as with Adiee. Emma punished Adiee and Mack where she said "I never expected such a irresponsible attitude from you boys, i thought you are so dedicative and passionated towards your knowledge but i was wrong and so on you proved! Get out of my class. you should stand out in the pavement for the whole day and no one can save you." With a undesired sad face both Adiee and Mack stands out without any explanation for their fault. As the hour was over, it was a short break time where the students were leaving to the washroom and foodcourt. Adiee and Mack were standing near the pathway where the other students had a funny laugh at the sight of them. Few boys chaffed as"Hey Adiee, the teacher has given you a best post christmas gift i hope you are enjoying it." Girls Cracked "Friends look at this, Balloons are at the surface" which made the day more worse than ever.