• rishabbagdi 2w


    If Kashmiri throw’s stone for some reason they are called terrorists/militants.
    And if some other indians do this no one would say anything to them .
    What the fuck is it.
    Some people who are not supposed to be living in this world are going here and there shouting Pakistan murdaabaad in muslim dominated areas. These people should be hanged beside the rapist. Then there are some government officials saying agar “Pakistan murdaabaad ke nahi lagauenge toh kiske lagayenge pakistan zindaabaad ke “. First of all sir there is no need to shout in streets.
    They are having equal rights as us. And they are Indians i you have problem with that you should leave this country. This not meant to be your country. Beacause of some cunts like you and some other cunts this differentiation occurred.