• aku_rnbir 5w

    The Bus of Creativity

    The bus of creativity went vrooom
    Leaping off towards a faraway paradise.
    It went on with a wavy route
    like the sweeping of a brooom.
    Its tyres painted an adorable lice
    That melted the evil heart of the brute.

    Inside the bus was a horde of characters –
    The shy dragon, The talking wagon,
    The honest thief, The corrupt chief,
    The skinny boar, and many more.
    And everybody brought their own canister
    For their picnic at the faraway paradise.

    The bus of creativity went shuush
    Landing off on their faraway stop.
    Rain of different colours were falling down
    With a melodious bopp bopp bopp.
    Everybody went out with a great rush
    Towards the giant tree that wore a green crown.

    Despite their differences,
    They joined their hands.
    Admist the musical rain
    They sung in a chorus and formed a band
    Their narrowness went to drain
    and they started to dance gleefully.

    The bus of creativity went vrooom
    Leaving them off on such a dreamy place.
    It went to board many good willed characters,
    It shooed bad willed ones with a scroom!!
    If you see such a bus,
    ‘Rejoice, Sing and dance!’

    - aku Rnbir