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    Life is great but diseases are part of it, but sometimes society doesn't supports the person who is in need of a real support and harmony, specially someone suffering from diseases like cancer or AIDS, as well as society tries to discourage such person with their deeds, this is a message for every such element of our unrealistic but real society
    Sorry if it's not so Good, but I have just tried to emit my thoughts and emotions out of these words, and I hope it will create at least A LITTLE change in society, share your thoughts with me about this issue and love the diseased ones as much as you can. NOTICE: Please don't flow in the mere rhymes or rhythm, just try to read it a bit slow and UNDERSTAND THE MEANING. This is the series #_change_society a try to bring some constructive changes in us

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    My body contains a wonderful dancer
    Which jumps from lungs to heart
    From pills to my food cart
    Ends up my world, without a start
    Flies from my tongue to lips
    Waits me for my tasty crispy chips
    Lies on my hands and fingertips
    My dancer is a true freelancer
    This enhancer of soul is my cancer

    Yet I'm strong, my heart is bent
    After hearing that inhuman comment
    Which for my disorder you had sent
    Your diseased mark will never faint
    I don't desire you become a saint
    I just want your words to paint
    My life, without a constraint

    On wealth many are proud
    But for my health not any rich is loud
    Money is always raised from ground
    But not in single life it is found
    This is my wonderful world around
    Where in humans is not a single bound
    And you say, only in me cancer is found

    After looking when you make faces
    Leaves on my heart some painful traces
    I know I don't deserve beautiful places
    But yet I'm tied to mere human laces
    At least which deserves some kind spaces
    Or I will be just crushed my your worldly races?

    Everyone says, I'm diseased
    What Upon hearing, I'm pleased
    At least in world I'm not seized
    From me, only love is released
    From my words no one's heart is teased
    Everyone should be a such diseased

    When no one says you NO
    Then near is your time to go
    Death is my destiny, I Know
    But Not before God I'll bow
    Humanity is all I want to show
    To lead you to a lovely flow
    Which brings the money low
    To a poor's lonely toe
    Give deep sleep a sleek blow
    And die happily in my golden gallow
    Simpathy is not what I follow
    So Just forget to give that marshmallow

    My first cigarette was handed by a popular actor
    Who was paid to destroy my character
    Fashion was not the only factor
    A charming girl was too attracted
    Towards my addiction she acted
    That true love for me is born
    But now when my life is torn
    Far away she has gone
    And actor is resting in his lawn
    Enjoying all the luxuries at dawn

    Destroy those brutal cigarettes
    Which are the cause of million regrets
    Throw that alcohol in dried lake
    Whose aroma is completely fake
    Forgive the youth for God's sake
    Real life is not a Gold flake

    No one later should stand in my row
    Good bye, it's my lovely time to GO