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    Strategy for absolute beginners__ By Dr.Shah faesal ias topper 2010 :

    1: There is no shame in knowing nothing about the exam and still thinking of qualifying it.

    2:If you have a dream,that dream is enough you will find your way one day.

    3:So the day you think that OK you need to start perpartion I suggest that Sleep for the entire sunday ,Listen to good music.Talk to your friends and next Monday morning you set out for this journey.

    4:As you take your first step , grab the morning. Newspaper on Monday ,the first Monday of your prepartion.Read an op_ed piece that you would have never read otherwise.

    5: Get ready for the market you have to shop for the days ahead.

    6:Go straight to the Magazine seller .By a G.K Magazine that you used to get during school days .The RS.20 ,one pocket _size _information booklet , Basic kind of childish,very simple one.

    7: Also buy an Atlas and a world Map and Indian Map __It begins with a map . Go Home with the Map and the pocket G.K

    8: Spend a week with knowing the world around you .Read the facts from your booklet and try to place them on the map.

    9: You can use Google Earth also when you want to lean against a pillow and not carry the map .Introduce yourself to the places,continents,oceans, Major islands,Prominent latitudes.Imagine you are travelling across the world.

    10: After a fun week with basic statistics,facts and figures about India and the world , Watch online interviews of few UPSC Qualifiers.Do it during the Map phase also.if you want .

    11: Gentle men should preferably watch Interviews of lady Qualifiers and vice _ versa.This elimates the gender_bias.

    12: Difficulty level needs to be increased .Let's revise what we read in our school .I am presuming that you have been an absolute wonders so to get you back,These small things have to be done.

    13: If you don't have the school text books,buy a set NCERT Class 6th_10th.Even nursery books if you want to read,it won't hurt.Remember CSE is about everything that an intelligent man should know.

    14: Simultanously,Get a book of Indian policy _Indian geography_History (modern Indian)_Science tech_Culture.

    15: By now you should be knowing about how many sates Indian has?,What happened in 1905?,Where does narmada go?,How does the weather forecast worked?,and Why we take vitamin C for bleeding gums?. __ If you don't know that Don't worry still go on.

    16: Discuss your optional subject with someone who has qualified or appeared in the exam.If you don't find any then do this,Go to the market zero on four likely optional subject get sllybus and basic text of each.Get previous paper.Read a bit from each and see what suits your temperment .Don't get into the trap of scoring and non scoring subjects.

    17:Get some solved Question banks and try to understand the scope,range,and complexity level.Do similar particle for CSAT.Study the most basic things first.

    18: Now Start writing practice try small paragraphs ,short essays ,opinion pieces on anything that you have understood so far, Mind your Handwriting !

    19: Go through the old paper again,that you have seen in the first week .see if you have progressed.Try an online test paper also.you should be able to solve atleast 5% questions at this stage.

    __Now you are fit for the extensive preparation.Motivate yourself to read more and accelerate . Take it as a fun job.Believe that you are doing something that is part of your growth.This is not about only to qualifying a exam But the things that you study today will stay with you.They will help to become more mature and a logical human being.

    "I wish you a Best of luck."