• poetically 50w

    Words buried.

    Oiling my thoughts while i sat in the front seat, i was going through a quick recap of all the kdramas i've watched searching for the scene just like now, After an hour, the awkwardness had gone when he started talking about writings, novel and author. My eyes had been locked in that brown coloured pupil. A sunny light faced me when he gave me a hand to come out, the grasses sounds so pleasant, not only them but everything around was so beautiful, i could see us dancing, i didnt know why i had this thought, maybe because our eyes had to show us something which we had to tell each other. The Sun was setting with all the pieces it had to stick tomorrow when he rises up again. The stars were shining up to kiss all the sleepy heads and the moon was here to guide us home.

    That brief moment our eyes had chosen each other, and i could tell there was so much more to say when i saw his eyes shining with the words he've wanted to spill out. But he didn't.

    Although the day have passed rapidly since then, but even now i can see the dark brown shades of his eyes brightning for the reason to brighten mine.

    - shradha giri