• alluringfeullimort 5w

    A Veiled Petal

    Who am I?

    The glorious question is gazing at you
    from your hidden questionnaire,isn't it?

    Let me provide you some solace with mere words those dance at the edge of silence with emerging emotions.

    I am the story behind your favorito lyrics,
    the crimson eyewinks of nostalgia.
    I'm nothing but that sun kissed horizon,
    saline soaked beech.
    At evening, I'm the melody of waves,
    the lullaby of moonbeam.
    The dripping raindrops, the wide greenery.
    I'm the savour of dusk,
    heartbeat of a stargazer.
    An awaited shooting star, yet to fall ;
    fall for some sleepy scribbler.
    The sighs behind the aching ethos am I.
    The secret behind the veils,
    the darkness of wild.
    I'm the beckoning rage of avenge,
    the depth of pondering at night.

    I'm you.
    I'm me.

    Abandoned with glee.