• yasashi_tokushu_yuiitsu_muni 5w

    The Endless Nightmare (World War 13 The Aftermath) Part 1

    WIP (Work In Progress)


    Narrator (Yasashi): May 27th 3019; it's one year after world war 13. The Artificial Intelligence surveillance drones have finally been disassembled at least in this sector of Once York City. There are only 17 secure sectors of this quadrant of the United Camps Of No America.

    The UCONA program was formed in the year 2546 after the fall Of The United Global Nations, by The Alliance Of Global Conquest. The reign of world peace had been short lived at only 50 years. TAOGC is the head of all global programs such as UCONA.

    Soldiers were drafted to become drones by means of force to have UCONA issued implants, using nano technology to gain control of the every nuclei to form DNA mutated omega soldiers. The UCONA issued implants that took full control of the frontal lobe, allowing the UCONA to manipulate the conscience mind and actions of the Drones

    This is the story of a simple refugee named Unit #1254 who on her first day on the field she whitnessed a child massacred the initial shock short circuited her UCONA issued implant, reactivating her neural pathways long enough to regain a fragment of her humanity, then she betrayed the UCONA and joined the resistance against global enslavement.

    In this Futuristic time to regain humanity meant little to the victims of the Program even her own family, even if the implants we're removed Unit #1254 is still the outcast of society. To redeem her past Unit #1254 has assembled the most lethal Outpost to stand with and for the resistance, the Outpost Team Title is known as 1 To Fight 4 or 1TF2.

    Today is the opening for recruitments, Unit #1254 eagerly awaits while maintaining complete composure, hoping to gain at least one Ally to Join Team 1TF2.