• _imbecile 5w

    You were mine
    And I was yours
    It is simple as if your the only one I've got

    Promise to swear you wouldn't find anyone else
    And I swear to god
    And so did you.

    When I texted you, you wouldn't reply
    I send you a message, not a passage
    But.. was it hard for you to reply me back? Was it?

    Deep down my chest doesn't feel right
    I tried to keep myself busy with you in my mind
    so I went to buy groceries for dinner, only for the two of us.

    When it started to rain cats and dogs I was driving,
    I drove pass through you
    slowly going by and look closely if it was true,
    And it was you kissing another girl. Lip to lip you were embraced with love. Opening the car door for her into your car.

    As my anger started to rage, my hands start to held tightly to the wheel as I broke down into tears, weeping that I'm not enough for him ...

    I didn't ask him for anything but his love to me, that what his promise to me, I did whatever he ask because I loved him and yet he used me for his entertainment

    and all this time your the one for me but your just a big jerk who plays emotions


    #cheatedlove #cheated #BeLoyal #IsThisLuv

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    You used me for your entertainment and I thought you were better than that .