• b3brv3 15w

    Footprints In The Sand

    She had died so long ago... died and left me alone.
    Her name, what's in a name? The very fabric of a person whom you wish to call upon?
    We used to walk the shore of the beach together as youths, as young adolescence... just being dreamers of a future to come.
    It was the 1950s when she died... just bare adults we both were, and the wedding planned just to save her in time before the death knell.
    The wedding bells. I could still remember the day when the doves were released and we sealed our love with a kiss.
    But after that... within a year, the cancer killed.
    And I was broken... and somehow, I don't think the pieces ever reconnected again.
    I still walked that shore of my childhood town. The lighthouse would shine its blinding light across the sea and across me.
    I walked alone... though sometimes when I looked behind me I saw two sets of footprints...
    Mine deep in the sand... and the others, walking behind.
    But she would never walk with me... for she walked in another world.
    Her footsteps would just follow... and I awaited the day when I could follow her too.
    But till that day... I lead, and she stays.
    As the tide washes the footprints gently away.