• icequeen909 5w


    I'm not the girl I use to be I look in the mirror and compare me to who I use to be how my eyes use to light up all the time and had a light in them now dulled and empty I see someone who has struggled and someone who didn't deserve to go through the struggles she went through but she came back even stronger than before she use to be so trusting until someone came and stomped her trust to Oblivion I see a girl who has cried tears for people that didn't deserve it I see a girl who finally understands if they don't want to talk to you then they won't and that's when you need to let go I see a girl who has finally understood the meaning of letting someone go but still caring about them I see a girl who has self esteem issues but tries to make the best of it I see a girl who doesn't care if she stands out she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her thank you mirror for lying to me for so long but for also revealing the truth I am a warrior and no one can change that