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    #writersnetwork #love #readwriteunite .what i wouldnt do to get this kind of love rn.because i havent found anyone whod do anything like this for me,i do this for people usually.writing letters,choclates and stuff.at times,it feels quite lonely but its always fun to see their smiles.

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    Old school love

    forget texting,write me a letter.
    forget watsapp,call my landline and just breathe in the receiver when my dad picks up.
    get me flowers from the roadside
    and sweets from the temple.
    lets meet somewhere far from my house,so that my parents dont find out.
    we dont need money,or grand gestures to speak of our love,just hold my hand and blush shyly.
    kiss me on the cheek and run away.
    lets talk on our landlines at midnight when our parents are asleep and lets cut the call and pretend to sleep,when you hear something move.
    lets save our pocket money and buy each other a choclate to share .
    ill blush when you'll give it to me and you'll grin wide when ill offer half of it to you.
    lets hold hands and call it love.
    can i please have it?